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Virtuals 2022

Learning from, and developing from, the 2021 virtual challenge we have four, yes FOUR different virtual challenges to get us through the winter and into the warmth of summer 2022. These challenges start on 10th November 2021 and will remain open until the day of our 2022 sportive - 18th September.

With the Commonwealth Games being held in Birmingham in 2022 we felt that we should use this wonderful sporting event as our theme, and travel virtually around the home countries by various means. And of course, Tommy won medals at the 1950 Games (called Empire in those days).

The standard entry is £20. After platform costs of £6 per entry, all the receipts will go to Marie Curie West Midlands. There are £25 and £30 entry fee options if you wish to donate an additional £5 or £10 to the hospice. However, if this your second (or 3rd or 4th) of our 2022 challenges then the discount entry of £15 can be used if you wish.

Walk/Run - Scotland - 500 miles around the existing mapped NC500 route (it's actually 516 miles). But when you've walked 500 miles will you walk 500 more!


Swim - Northern Ireland - 100kms around the shoreline of Lough Neagh (the largest lake in the British Isles)




Cycle Long - England - 2000 miles. Start at the site of the old Birmingham velodrome, heading to the North West then a clockwise loop all around the edge of England back to the Welsh Borders then finish at the London Velodrome. En-route it takes in velodromes at Manchester, Calshot, Derby, pays homage to the old national velodrome site at Leicester, and of course, the famous Herne Hill.


Cycle Short - Wales - 500 miles. Again starting at the site of the old Birmingham velodrome,and a long loop around Wales to finish at Newport Velodrome.



Note that each challenge will only accept relevant activities ie the Swim will only accept swimming activities, the Cycles will only accept cycling activities (indoor and outdoor) and the walk/run will only accept walking, running or steps.

As per last year, each challenge has a number of hidden milestones and surprise postcards.

Thanks for taking part and helping us fundraise for Marie Curie.

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