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Virtuals 2023

As we head towards the end of 2022 we have three, yes THREE different virtual challenges to get us through the winter and into the warmth of summer 2023. These challenges start on 10th November 2022 and will remain open until the end of October 2023.

Our theme for this year is France, and we are fundraising for Cyclists Fighting Cancer.  A great UK-wide charity based just south of Stratford-on-Avon who support children and young people with cancer by providing them with new lightweight bikes and specially adapted trikes to help in their rehabilitation. To find out more about the charity:-





The standard entry is £20. After platform costs of £6 per entry, all the receipts will go to Cyclists Fighting Cancer. There are £25 and £30 entry fee options if you wish to donate an additional £5 or £10 to the charity. However, if this your second (or 3rd) of our 2023 challenges then the discount entry of £15 can be used if you wish.

Walk/Run - Nantes to Paris - 304 miles along the Loire valley and across to the Seine.


Swim - Rouen to Le Havre - 112kms along the River Seine




Cycle  - An end-to-end of France, starting at the top north-east corner at the Belgian border to the bottom south-west corner almost in Spain. A nicely convoluted route of 1,074 miles

Note that each challenge will only accept relevant activities ie the Swim will only accept swimming activities, the Cycle will only accept cycling activities (indoor and outdoor) and the walk/run will only accept walking, running or steps.

As per last year, each challenge has a number of hidden milestones and surprise postcards.

Thanks for taking part and helping us fundraise for Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

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