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Virtual Event

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, in many different ways. For the Marie Curie Hospice West Midlands the difficulty has been two-fold:- firstly having to deal with a virus pandemic, and secondly, the huge impact on their fundraising. That's why the organising team at Tommy Godwin Challenge are looking to continue to raise much needed funds for the hospice right through the winter.

Welcome to our first Tommy Godwin Virtual !!

The challenge is to cover the distance equivalent to Lands End to John O'Groats. Cycle indoors or outdoors. Or walk, or run, or even swim. Just clock up the miles.

The Challenge starts on 21st December ie the Shortest Day (in the northern hemisphere) and runs right through to the Longest Day on 21st June. The distance is 912 miles and the route will mirror that taken by several members of Tommy's Birmingham CC team back in 1988.

The route has been set up on the virtual platform MyVirtualMission. Once you're registered you can optionally connect your Strava or Garmin accounts and then your activity mileage will automatically transfer and move you along the virtual route. Or you can enter your mileage manually.


The entry cost is £20.

After platform costs of £6 per entry, all the receipts will go to Marie Curie West Midlands.

At registration, an option is available to make a bigger donation to the hospice by choosing an entry at £25 or £30, which adds an additional £5 or £10 to the funds.

How to take part

Step 1:- Go to and create an account. Or download the MyVirtualMission app to your phone.

Step 2:- Register for the Tommy Godwin LEJOG Challenge

Step 3:- Under the "My Connections" tab in your account profile connect to your Strava account or your Garmin Connect account (don't connect both else your mileage will double count!). If you don't have either of these accounts then you can still enter your miles manually.

That's it. Sorted!


Ride, walk, Zwift, run, swim etc etc - if your activity goes onto your Strava or Garmin Connect then it will be automatically recorded on the platform, and gradually move you up the map. Check your progress on the website or the app.

To keep the costs and the admin down to a minimum, on completion you will be provided with access to the completion certificate to mark your achievement.

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