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Rider Briefing Instructions 2021 

Please take the time to read the information below. There is quite a bit to read (sorry!) but it will help to ensure that everyone has a safe ride and enjoys the event.


Don’t forget your helmet, a basic tool kit, mobile phone and food and drink.

Please be fully aware of the risks of COVID to yourself and to others.

Do not attend the event if:-

  • Travelling to the event is against government restrictions where you live.

  • You’re experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

  • You’ve been diagnosed as coronavirus positive within two weeks of the event.

  • You’re self-isolating within two weeks of the event because you’ve been in contact with someone who’s coronavirus positive.

  • You’ve been contacted by NHS Track and Trace and you, or someone you’ve been in contact with, has been asked to self-isolate.

  • You’re unwell within seven days of the event date, or someone you’ve been in contact with has been unwell with viral symptoms within two weeks of the event.

  • You’re shielding based on medical advice.

  • You’ve travelled to a foreign destination that requires you to self-isolate after your return and the  isolation period includes the event date.

  • We encourage and recommend that all participants take the NHS Lateral Flow test prior to their event. You can find out more about how to get tested at

As per British Cycling guidelines please carry basic PPE with you (mask, wipes etc).

At the advance sign-on, the event HQ and at the feed stations please:-

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Keep outside as much as possible

  • Use the provided hand sanitizer

  • Follow any Covid guidance given

The event HQ is the Marie Curie Hospice, Marsh Lane, Solihull, B91 2PQ. Please note that here is no car parking for riders at the hospice. Due to the impact of Covid we have NO access to the inside of the hospice building this year so everything will be outside. We will utilise the right-hand side of the car park and will have marquees for refreshments and registration. There will be portaloos at the lower end of our area. As per usual we will have refreshments pre- and post-ride.

There is ample vehicle parking at Solihull School. Access is off the Warwick Road main entrance (opposite New Road). The barrier will be opened at 7:45am and closed at 9:45am.
Exit from the parking for both cars and bikes is from the top end of the site, onto School Road. Cycling time to the hospice is a couple of minutes.
The car park will be locked at 5:00pm.









Click map to enlarge.

There is no "entry on the day", all riders will have pre-entered.

Riders are encouraged to sign on in advance on either Friday 09:00 -16:00 or Saturday 09:00 – 14:00 at Dynamic Rides, 2364 Stratford Rd, Hockley Heath, Solihull B94 6QT. The sign-on desk will be in a well ventilated area.

On the Sunday you can sign on at the HQ from 08:00 until 09:55.

Bring your own pen to your sign-on if possible..

Note that the sign-on is a double agreement - firstly to agree to the British Cycling regulations for the running of the event, and secondly Marie Curie's Covid requirements.

If you wish to sign-on for a friend you must have an authoristion from them giving you the authority to do so (eg a printed email)
Any rider under the age of 18 will require a signed British Cycling Parental Consent form. Click here.

Riders under 16 must be accompanied.

Chip timing
Your timing chip is pre-mounted onto the reverse of your number. Ensure that you start and finish your ride under the archway in order to trigger the timings mats.Timing services are provided by StuWeb Ltd, who will publish the times shortly after the event. Note that these will be in rider number/name sequence as the event is not a race.
Please mount your number onto the front of your handle-bars so that it is easily visible. The numbers are colour-coded for the various distances, so that the marshals etc know the groupings.



We are really pleased to have a Retro/Classic section this year. We hope that the riders on their splendid old bikes will dress accordingly. This group is due to go depart at 9:25 but just beforehand there will be a bit of "judging" by Doug Pinkerton of Pinkerton Classic Cycles who will be looking for the best rider & bike combo. Please don't take this too seriously! Doug will also have some bikes from the Pinkerton Collection for us all to lust over.

Refreshment Stops
For the 73km and 100km riders there are two refreshment stops available.

The first is at Bearley Village Hall at 40kms. This will have sausage rolls from Eric Lyons Ltd, Grenade bars, cakes, and fruit, as well as teas & coffees. Please follow the signage and respect the hall.
The second stop is 20km from the finish, at Ullenhall Village Hall. This facility is being provided by Henley Ice Cream. Again teas and coffees will be available. But also small tubs of Henley Ice Cream. Yay! These are normally £1.50 but we'll ask riders to pay £2.00 as the 50p will go towards a donation for the usage of the Hall, which is being provided for free. There are very limited toilet facilities here.

The Covid protocols must be adhered to.

Start times and Cut-off times
Riders will be set off in small groups of approx ten riders as directed by Start Control:-
100km at 9:00am
100km Retro bikes at 9:25
73km at 9:30
30km individual and family at 10:00

We anticipate everyone finishing by 4:00pm. The cut-off at Bearley will be 12:00 and Ullenhall at 2:30. Our broom wagon will be taking down the signs after the last rider. If any participants have not reached their relevant refreshment stop by the time it closes, we cannot guarantee that signage and marshals on the remainder of the route will still be in place. Riders can either continue at their own risk or get a lift back in the sweep vehicle if unable to make their own way home safely.

The Balsall Common Fun Run is closing the road into Balsall Common and Holly Lane at 11:30am. We anticipate everyone getting through there by 11:00am as it it only 11km ( ie 7 miles) distance.

The route is indicated by Yellow & Black marker boards, follow these and only these!
Where the route splits into different distances, and the refreshment stops, will be indicated by Purple markers/boards.









At certain points there will be marshals. Their role is to be a visible presence and to indicate direction. It is the rider's decision as to whether or not it is safe to proceed.
We know of at least one other cycling event (the Starley Sportive) which is using some of the same roads as ourselves so be particularly careful to only follow the TG route arrows.
If you can, please download the route onto your Garmin etc. The routes are available for download here.

Medical Support
County Medics will be at the start/finish and deployed around the course with fully equipped vehicles and an ambulance.  If you need their help call the emergency number printed on the front of your number. In case of a medical emergency that is deemed life threatening, eg cardiac arrest /unconscious, call 999 first then the event emergency number. There will also be a first aid kit at the Bearley stop for riders to use for minor cuts etc.

Mechanical support

TopGunn Cycles will be at the start if you have any last minute mechanical problems and Dynamic Rides will be at Bearley. If you need help elsewhere please call the emergency number printed on the front of your number. There will be a mobile mechanic on the course from Love The Bike who will be able to do minor repairs. Naturally, you will be expected to pay for any parts provided. There will be a track pump at Ullenhall.

Event Control
If you have a problem out on the route please ring the organisers on 07831 214274 and we will do our best to help you.  If you have WhatsApp the location feature can be used to tell us exactly where you are. Once you have contacted Event Control then please stay put - if you wander off then we can't find you.

 If you decide to not come back to the hospice for some reason, please let us know. We do not want to spend the rest of the day looking for missing riders. If you decide to deviate from the route we cannot guarantee that the signs will still be in place when you re-join it. 

Hazards and Riding
Please remember that that you must rely on your own ability when dealing with any road hazards and that you must ride in a manner that is safe both to yourself and others. You must also adhere to the Highway Code.
There are the perennial problems of potholes and gravel. Please ride carefully, and call-out hazards to following riders.
You are quite likely to encounter horses on the road at some point. Be courteous, slow down, pass wide, and call out to the horse rider(s) if approaching from behind.
For the 73km and 100km riders be aware that there is a horse event on during the day at Solihull Riding Club on Four Ashes Road, so watch out for horseboxes. Also, there is a football match at Bearley village hall so there may be some vehicles moving around the car park
100km riders - just after the route split at Shelfield when you will turn left, after a couple of hundred metres there is a very tight left hand bend.
100km riders - at the ford near Coughton please use the bridge. The surface under the water is notoriously slippery and not safe to ride through.
30km riders - the route takes you over the M42 using a footbridge. As per the signs on the bridge please dismount. And just before the finish ensure that you take the cycle path to cross the Warwick Road.


All finishers, all distances,  will receive a medal.

Please carry some cash with you. We will have some Marie Curie donation buckets, and you'll need cash for your ice-cream at Ullenhall !!


If you, or any of your friends and relatives wish to make a donation to Marie Curie:-

Social Media

If you have any good photos that you take on the day then please share them with us on Instagram by tagging  @tommygodwinchallenge

.....and finally.....

Many, many thanks to our sponsors and supporters, without whose generous help this event simply wouldn't be possible. Click for list

Apologies that this has been a long read, but we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable day.

Have fun!

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